Incredible Secret Beaches for Families

A beach vacation is a winning choice for the whole family. But he sun, sand and surf are that much more enjoyable when you and your family feel like you have it all to yourselves. With this in mind, some vacationers prefer to seek out the less touristy beach towns when summer rolls around. Here are 5 of our favorites.

Wingaersheek Beach, Massachusetts
Wingaersheek (pronounced Wing-er-sheek) Beach near Gloucester, MA, is great for families because the sea here is usually so calm and warm. The beach is largely protected by the Ipswitch peninsula, creating perfect swimming conditions for little ones. At low tide, sand flats seem to stretch forever. Another benefit are the tide pools, the perfect place for inquisitive children to get up-close-and-personal with snails, hermit crabs, sea stars and other creatures.

Bean Hollow State Beach, California
Pocket beaches are abundant along the San Mateo County Coast south of San Francisco, but Bean Hollow uniquely offers its visitors privacy. Bookended by towering bluffs, the beach has a number of natural nooks and crannies that are perfect for family picnics, a game of Frisbee or some serious sunbathing. There's also a lovely nature trail that winds atop the bluffs, offering a great vantage point from which to view the passing grey whales (in winter and spring). Just three miles up the road, in the sleepy town of Pescadero, lies the Harley Farms Goat Dairy, where kids can feed, pet and even milk the alpine goats.

Robert Moses State Park, New York
Jones Beach is one of the oldest and most famous stretches of shore on the Eastern Seaboard, and it’s the one families usually flock to. Farther east along the Fire Island National Seashore, however, is another beach that sees far less tourist traffic: Robert Moses State Park. Kids will love the lively surf; parents will love that the beach isn't over-crowded.

Kure Beach, North Carolina
This tiny seaside community sits at the southern tip of North Carolina's Pleasure Island, a strip of beaches on the Atlantic Coast. While some of its northern neighbors are packed with tourists in the summer, Kure remains pretty empty. That's good news for vacationing families, who will usually have the town to themselves. On the list of must-see attractions: the fishing pier, which is the oldest in the area; and the North Carolina Underwater Archaeology Center, which highlights shipwrecks and dive sites nearby. The beaches are breathtaking, but for a different adventure, hike the trail at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area to look for local plants and wildlife along the way.

Ebey's Landing, Washington
Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve spans a glorious 17,500 acres, with 18 farms, 400 historical structures, 2 state parks and the second-oldest town in the state of Washington (Coupeville). However, its beach is arguably the site’s best attraction. On a clear day, the views of the Olympic Mountains and Mount Rainier are breath-taking. A 3-mile trail provides even more views on these sites, and ideal picnic spots for families. For children who appreciate wildlife, nearby saltwater lagoons and wetland marshes are swarming with birds; make sure to bring a pair of binoculars.

Credit: Travel Channel

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